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Fire Joker how to play and win

Fire Joker is a great slot machine that retains the atmosphere of an offline casino. It is capable of awakening the spirit of gambling in all those who dare to challenge it. A fascinating and simple game will give you the opportunity to make good money at any bet, giving you the opportunity to compete for the jackpot. The main symbol and hero of the machine is the joker, which will be waiting for the most daring visitors who are not afraid to take risks and will be willing to test their luck.

The main developer of this machine is the popular provider PlayN Go, which has demonstrated its creations in various genres: roulette, blackjack, poker and other entertainment. All machines are of a high quality design and functionality, which is thought out in detail. You will not be indifferent when you run this slot machine. There is a creative approach to every detail, and a simple interface and easy spins will give you lots of victories. You can even play for free, the main thing to consider all the real features that allow you to play even in mobile mode. Settings have sound adjustments and other ways to pay out to the card.

Fire joker how to play

Registration in the game Fire Joker

Fire Joker is a classic game where you have to rely on luck and reading statistics to make the results of each spin more predictable. The operation of the slot is based on a random number generator, which gives randomness to each spin. Thus, all customers have an equal chance to win, and independent agencies check the machine once a month in order to get confidence in the slot honest. As with all gambling slots casino gaming will have an advantage to get the money, so it will always be in the winnings. To get the profits, go through registration and start betting. Follow the detailed instructions to register:

  • Go to the portal of the chosen platform to play, among which are 1Win/Izzi casino/Wavada and others.
  • Now go to the registration itself. Click on the appropriate button and a form will open to fill out the information.
  • Now you need to enter personal information, confirm your phone number and mailing address.
  • Replenish your deposit account, its value depends on the number of available spins.
  • Go to Live Games and search for "Fire Joker".
  • Now bet by choosing a certain number of lines in the game.
  • Click on "Play" and the game starts. If you are lucky, you will receive funds.

To withdraw money, verify your account. and for this you will need to send an application to withdraw money, this will happen automatically. Confirm sending the application and then wait for the money to be credited.

Basic rules of the game

The player needs to spin the reels in an attempt to put together a combination to win. The presence of five lines greatly increases your chance to create a large chain of icons in each spin. A total of 9 different icons can be seen in the game, the sequence of which will be evaluated differently:

  • Fruits and "X" from two to seven credits;
  • Advanced elements such as the Star, "BAR" and red "7" from 15 to 25 coins;
  • The main Wild gives 80 credits.

You need at least three of the same picture, collected in a row, to be able to get a bonus reward and continue the game. With Wild you can create a more profitable connection. With its help, you can easily replace the usual signs to win even more. Observant gamblers note that the same pictures can be seen in retro machines.

When you are familiar with all the symbols and chains, it is enough to deal with the issue of bets. In the center there are buttons that display bets and signs to increase and decrease the bet "+/-". They will allow you to change the size of the bet per spin. Between rounds you can change it at any time you want. You can bet a minimum of 5 cents and a maximum of $100. Playing the joker can be compared to getting nice rewards. There are no freespins, but if you can collect the same emblems on two reels, and on the third there will be other images, the respin will be triggered. One free spin on the gaming site will give you an extra try to collect the full combination of icons.

To increase your balance in one round you need to play Joker and wait until all the reels are filled with a single emblem. Then there will be the activation of the bonus round - the wheel of Fortune. From the name it can be concluded that you get the opportunity to increase your winnings. On the wheel there will be division sections with multipliers from x2 to x10. Here you can test your luck by trying to knock out the maximum figure. The game has its own jackpot, which reaches a value of x800, but it can only be beaten by playing the highest bets. Even the new best reels won't allow you to spend as much time as the first time knocking out a user of the sevens

Winning combinations

If you are lucky and you were able to knock out a winning combination, the payout will be equal to your bet multiplied by the multiplier that fell out.

Identifier Title Increase
x2 blueX 2 for 1
x4 Cherry 4 for 1
x5 lemon 5 for 1
x6 grapes 6 for 1
x7 draining 7 for 1

For example, if you made a bet of 2 thousand rubles, and the machine gave you a combination with multipliers x5, then you will win as much as 10 thousand! All participants of the machine have an equal chance to win!

Fire joker rules

Fire Joker slot bonus features

Fire combines exciting classic game play with exciting extra features. Wild, respins and X's will allow you to win as much money as possible per round. The Wild is the main icon, which looks like the Joker. It substitutes for all other icons if a winning combination can be formed. 3 of these icons is an X 80 chance. If you made the maximum bet and had the most luck, you will win the jackpot, which is x800 of beta. Also, don't forget about the automatic play feature, which will give you a break from the monotonous pressing of "Spin". To stop its action, click on the "Stop" option.

Wild Joker

This bonus is a fiery respin slots. Two of the reels should have the same symbols that combine into one picture, and on the third one you can see the Joker himself, who will give you extra respin slots. It is possible to see a review on the articles to understand how to play casino.

Fire Re-Spin

This is a special feature that gives every beginner who hits the Wild Joker another respin. It is carried out if two of the three reels are filled with the same symbols. The bonus of this feature also lies in the fact that the visitor does not have to put his money for this.

Multiplier wheel

If the same icon is spread across the screen, another round will start. On the playing field appears a money wheel with extra payouts that will multiply your money by one more X. The cells of the wheel contain multipliers from x2 to x10. You will only be able to make a scroll once, and depending on its outcome your amount will be increased by a certain number of credits. The wheel will be available only after such a spin of the reels, which led to the appearance of nine identical images.

Symbols and payouts of the slot Fire Joker

There are few bonuses in the slot, and the special image is only one. This is the Joker himself, who is able to appear anywhere on the playing field and give you a winning combination with the maximum odds. With his participation, the visitor will receive up to x80 of your bet. In addition, he performs the role of WILD. This means that he adjusts to any combination, if it will help lead to winning funds.

All of the remaining icons are simply multipliers that bring in funds for credits. The least amount of prizes are given:

  • blue X's;
  • cherry;
  • lemons;
  • grapes;
  • draining.

Fire joker basic symbols

Their multiplier is 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 respectively. This will give you an increase in the single bet coefficient. Bar inscriptions that appeared on an active line will bring you x15 on beta, gold stars will bring you up to 20 bets, and the maximum coefficient among the basic emblems will be red 7 with a coefficient of x25. Due to the fact that the winning sequence must have three pictures, it makes no difference from which side of the field to play the combination will start. Regardless of what online site you play, the machine will delight you with its bonuses!